KF5OBS #54: Secondary Surveillance Radar | An Introduction

Quick introduction to Secondary Surveillance Radar and how it works. After explaining the absolute basics, I am showing how one can simulate transponder responses using off-the-shelf test equipment. RTL1090 is used to verify the generated signals as valid.

If you want the arb waveform file for the 7777 Mode A response, here it is:



KF5OBS #48: Guitar Tone Adjustment Circuit

Quick video for a new weekly format called “Circuit Friday.” Circuit Friday will present simple but useful circuits that can be built in an hour or less. I’ll try to keep the difficulty on a beginner level. This first circuit is a single pot tone adjustment circuit. I’m using it for my guitar but it can be used in various different applications. Such as an adjustable tone control


KF5OBS #47: Multi Camera test

Quick experiment to develop a workflow for multi-camera episodes. I’m happy with teh test results though I have a lot to do and consider. Such as white balance and color grading to give the footage a consistent look and feel. I also need to play more with multi-camera sequences in Adobe Premiere. It’s pretty straight-forward but has some hidden traps.

In this episode I’m showing the intense resolution of the Keithley DMM 7510, a 7 1/2 digit bench multimeter. It’s giving unbelievable microamp resolution on a milliamp scale. That’s just nuts. In a good way.


Hands-On Spectrum Analyzer Workshop

Tektronix is offering some kick-ass hands-on spectrum analyzer workshops across the United States. I’m excited to announce that I will be at the Santa Clara RF Signal Hunting and Transceiver Test workshops on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Be there or be square!

You can find exact tour dates, location information and an overview of what each workshop covers here: http://tek.gcsevents.com/RF-Tour