KF5OBS Aside: I’m Back!

One thought on “KF5OBS Aside: I’m Back!

  1. Hello!
    I read your review of the Goldsource 2000 watt stepdown/stepup transformer (thank you for writing that review so well). I want to use one with an American kitchen device which draws 800 watts, and I contacted the manufacturer to discuss the needed spec for a transformer. They replied that almost all of their 110-120 volt devices that were shipped to England have failed, and the few that have not yet failed are running on 3500 watt (or higher) rated transformers. The only other difference I could see is the 50 hertz Europe / 60 hertz US electrical supply frequency ~ and in your review you state that it should not be that critical. You clearly know much more about electrical equipment than anyone else I know. Could I please call you to discuss? I live in Hungary, so via Skype would be the optimal for me.
    Grant +36 209 580580 / Grantski on Skype.

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