News and Status update

I haven’t been writing any articles in almost 3 month. I apologize for this big gap and appreciate your patience. Recent job development and my move to a new location offered little time for the blog or electronics in general.

I expect to have the new lab set up within a month or so. My target is to produce some sort of content at least once a week starting in August October. The plan is to produce a written article every 1st and 3rd week of the month and uploading a new video every 2nd and 4th week of the month. That means two videos and two classic text blog articles per month.

Frequency domain screenshot of a LeCroy HDO4024

Frequency domain screenshot of a LeCroy HDO4024

There is a big bunch of manufacturer’s samples sitting in my lab. All of those are awaiting a review on the blog. It is probably enough material to fill the blog the next two years with content. However, i simply do not have the time to cover all and more stuff comes in every day. Therefore, I will be cherry-picking the most interesting bits and pieces.

For a noncomprehensive list of articles to come, see the preview page.

Remember, unless I receive input from my readers on what YOU want to read, I will be picking at my own discretion and according to my own personal preferences.

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