Future Video Blog Plans

There are plenty of electronics-related YouTube channels out there but few are dedicated to radio frequency (RF) related topics. It’s time to accept this challenge and start an RF video blog.

My YouTube channel [1] is currently only used for auxiliary videos which are used for illustration purposes of this classic text blog. But that is supposed to change.

So why another video blog? While there are plenty of really good electronics video blogs out there, almost all of them completely neglect the world of high frequency signals. Dave Jones (EEVblog) [2] usually doesn’t cover RF-related stuff at all. Mike Harrison (Mike’s Electric Stuff) [3] and Jeri Ellsworth [4] do touch RF related topics occasionally but usually not very deeply. Mike actually called RF the art of voodoo in a recent teardown video.

The video blog is supposed to go hand in hand with this classic text blog you are reading right now. You will see product reviews and tutorials for basic and advanced RF and test equipment related topics. Since RF nowadays goes hand in hand with microcontroller applications, I will occasionally cover microcontroller-related topics as well.

The first videos will hopefully be up by early November. I currently have a nice line-up of manufacturer contributed items to review. I would love to hear what YOU would like to see on the video blog in particular and most importantly, if you can imagine watching an RF-oriented video blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel [1] now so that I can get a general overview of how many are actually interested.

Links and Sources:

[1] KF5OBS, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KF5OBS

[2] EEVblog, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/EEVblog

[3] Mike’s Electric Stuff, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeselectricstuff

[4] Jeri Ellsworth, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/jeriellsworth

3 thoughts on “Future Video Blog Plans

  1. Sounds great! I’m just now getting back into RF as a hobbyist – after getting my feet wet back in college I wound up with a job doing digital design and promptly forgot pretty much all of it. An RF-dedicated YouTube channel would be great.

    I have to say, for myself I’m not as interested in product reviews – theory and projects are really what interest me, so here’s hoping that you’ll have a lot of both!

    73, N0WQM

  2. Great you are covering the RF electronics design in your blog. You will be covering a big hole in the knowledge of a lot of students out there that actually are afraid about RF design because availability of it is not that great. Congratulations, I will keep following you here, in YouTube and at facebook!

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